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Featured Instructor: Julia Albertson

Julia AlbertsonWhy do you teach yoga?

I teach yoga simply because I believe in it. I’ve said it many times before but yoga saved my life. Whether you are a recovering addict, someone who struggles with anxiety or depression, or just a normal Joe Shmoe, I know that yoga can improve your life for the better. If I know something as amazing as that to be true, why wouldn’t I make my life about ...

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Winter Wellness with Ayurveda

yoga and ayurvedaYoga and Ayurveda are considered to be sister sciences. These ancient traditions developed over a period of thousands of years and provide models for self-care and optimal well being. Ayurveda uses three “doshas”—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha— to explain an individual’s unique constitutional makeup. Each is aligned with certain elements and a time of year.

Vata is associated with winter, air, and space.  The abundance of Vata during the winter season can ...

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Featured Instructor: Joe Taft

Joe TaftWhy do you teach yoga? Yoga is my passion and sharing one’s passion is a gift of a life time.

What is your teaching history? I have been teaching since 2001 and teaching full time since 2008.

What is your favorite pose at the moment? Hanumanasana

What’s your sign? (astrological) Pisces

What is your most challenging pose? Any standing balance

Joe Taft

How long have you been practicing ...

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We are Expanding: Thanks to You

Main Studio


We offer deep gratitude to everyone that showed up in January. We so appreciate everyone that bought a yearly yoga pass, the teacher training special or membership special. That extra bump of revenue has made it possible for us to begin renovation on the new teacher training facility. Details below. Completion date is around October of this year.

For 18 years, Asheville Yoga Center has been a place of healing, community, and love. ...

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Asheville, NC: Yoga City, U.S.A.

Why did Yoga Journal list Asheville, North Carolina as the number one spot on their list of Towns with Top-Notch Yoga? In addition to boasting a thriving yoga scene, Asheville is home to a vibrant natural health community nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, making it a top destination for those seeking yoga teacher training certification. What makes Asheville the perfect place to obtain your yoga teacher training ...

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Featured Instructor: Tanya Neplioueva


Why do you teach yoga?

To offer an ever-changing perspective of what is possible in our human experience. Yoga allows us the gift of a deeper understanding of ourselves and it is incredible to be able to share that with my students.

What is your teaching history?

I began teaching in Durham in 2011, just one week (!) after finishing my 230-hour training at AYC and I never looked back. Since then, I have completed ...

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12 Days of Holiday Cheer by Stephanie Keach

Stephanie Keach
1. Inhale, breathe in Peace.
2. Exhale, smile at Peace.
3. Let Love in.
4. Let Love out.
5. Sign up for yoga classes and workshops to help you stay centered this season.
6. Get a massage/Take a bath/Have a nap.
7. Donate some of your abundance (stuff to thrift stores/money to charities/time to shelters).
8. Meet someone new at yoga: say, “hello,” smile, and watch the magic!
9. Try ...

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Gratitude Part Two by Stephanie Keach

Stephanie KeachSo much of who we are is conditioning; we are endlessly influenced by our media, our family, our culture. The pressures of conformity and consumerism during this time of year are immense and unavoidable (in the U.S.A.). It’s also the darkest part of the year, so stress is creeping in; it’s also the end of the year, so stress is creeping in; it’s often very cold, and that combined with extra ...

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Featured Instructor: Lewis Rothlein

Lewis Rothlein

Why do you teach yoga?
In the beginning, some 20 years ago, it was because it gave me so many gifts and I wanted others to experience the same. Now, it’s for the same reason!

What is your teaching history?  
I have studied many styles of yoga, but I have only taught Ashtanga; it is in that style that I found my passion. At first I rented spaces to teach in, next ...

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“Gratitude” by Stephanie Keach

stephanieheadshot_1024We are entering a time when Gratitude is pulling at our awareness. We have a huge national holiday named after it, but in the busyness of the season, we forget. We forget to stop and remember how blessed we all are. In different and abundant ways, we are all so privileged – it is really amazing. (I say this, because if you are reading this right now, you are looking at a ...

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