Featured Instructor: Deirdre Smith-Gilmer

 Why do you teach yoga?

Because it makes me a better human being in general and because I want everyone to benefit from what yoga has to offer. If someone wants yoga to be a part of their path then I’ll tell them everything I know!

What is your teaching history?

I began practicing and teaching yoga in NYC. I taught for New ...

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Featured Instructor: Rebecca Willman

Why do you teach yoga?
Part of my work in this life, I think, is to hold space and walk with others through transformation—to empower others to empower themselves. Yoga asks us to assume and accept the entirety of our human experience, which can be really challenging and life altering—transformational work is not easy. I teach to provide space for people to do what they need to do, and hope to open up avenues for compassion and acceptance to bloom ...

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Featured Instructor: Heidi Vaught

Heidi Vaught

Why do you teach yoga?

So many reasons…Mainly because I believe in it.  I have found that yoga helps me be a better person in ways that I didn’t even know I could improve.  How could I not feel obliged to share something like that? And it’s a lot of fun.

What is your teaching history?

I did my teacher training and taught for two years in Louisville, KY. There I ...

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Featured Instructor: Maeve

MaeveYogaWhy do you teach yoga?

The gift of yoga presented itself to me ten years ago after a nearly fatal car accident left me with a fractured C2 vertebrae and a load of fearful anxiety. Still, I was very thankful to be alive and was blessed with the wise advice from a friend to attend my first Hatha Yoga class. During that hour ...

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Power Flow Vs Slow Flow

One of the most beautiful aspects of yoga, is that it invites practitioners from all backgrounds, ability levels, and personal goals to share in the benefits of yoga and hopefully even transform the world towards peace and goodwill. The most popular style of yoga at the Asheville Yoga Center is Flow Yoga, (traditionally also called Vinyasa).  And the two most popular sub-sets are known as SlowFlow and Power Flow.   As with many aspects of yoga, there are deeper benefits and ...

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Featured Instructor: Courtney Reynolds

Courtney Reynolds

Why do you teach yoga?

What a loaded question! The biggest reason I teach yoga, is for the opportunity to expose as many people as possible to the skill set yoga provides to assist in understanding the mind. Before yoga, I was held captive by my anxiety and depression. The practice has helped me develop the invaluable understanding of detachment and importance of being rooted in the present moment.

What is your teaching ...

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5 Yoga Tips for Aging Gracefully

1. Pelvic Floor
Usually we think anti-sagging, anti-wrinkling, anti-balding when we see “Aging Gracefully”, but honestly those things don’t make us graceful. How about not having to wear a big, bulky diaper? Yup, GBK (Go Beyond Kegels) I say. My students will tell you I am not shy to drop anatomy terms like vagina, testicles, and anus in a yoga class. I’m a frequent flyer with pelvic floor anatomy because lets face it: Use it or Lose it. So squeeze ...

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Featured Instructor: KB Suarez

Why do you teach yoga?
To connect with community through movement, music, & mantra.

What is your teaching history?
Teaching yoga since 2011 in NYC, before making our way to Asheville.

What is your favorite pose at the moment?
Rajakapotasana (King Pigeon Pose)

What’s your sign?

What is your most challenging pose?
Titibasana (Firefly)

How long have you been practicing yoga?
First official class, fall 1992 for college elective

Describe yourself in three words:
Father, Husband, Son

What is your favorite quote?
You’re Not Your Body, ...

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5 Reasons Steph ❤️s Ashtanga Yoga

1. Strength Building

I have the genetics for flexibility, which makes Yoga a dream job. Except that flexible people get injured in Yoga three times more than non-flexies. We apparently go too far into the stretch, injuring the tissues around our joints. Yup, I see it all the time. But lucky me, I “found” a style of Yoga early in my Yoga career that complemented my flexibility and built the much needed strength around my joints called Ashtanga Yoga. It was ...

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Featured Instructor: Sierra Hollister

Sierra - handstandWhy do you teach yoga?
It seems to me that we are yoga; that the union of body, mind and spirit is our true state. If we are lucky, the time on our mats is a remembering of a way back to our true selves, a way to experience our infinity, as well as our accord not only with ourselves but with all ...

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