Featured Instructor: Amy Sims

Why do you teach Yoga?

Yoga saved my life. I came to the practice at an extremely tumultuous time and it taught me to be a healthier, happier and more balanced being. Going into my 200 hour training, I had no intention of teaching. However, the practice transformed me in so many ways, I developed a strong desire to share it with others. Teaching gives me an ...

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Featured Instructor: Kate Lundquist


Why do you teach yoga?

I grew up as a dancer and competitive athlete, so yoga became a liberation from the pressures of those worlds while I was in high school. I teach yoga to help others find that same release and relief, while at the same time meditating on the intricate postures of yoga. I believe people can achieve what they might not have ...

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Is Yoga Enough?

By Stephanie Keach | February 24, 2016 | Asheville Yoga Center

Hatha Yoga does an amazing job at strengthening, stretching and detoxifying the body, while helping to replenish and rejuvenate all the internal glands and organs. Yet for some, it may not be enough for full wellbeing.

Yoga has a sister, her name is Ayurveda (both born in India).  If Yoga’s original purpose was to get your body prepared for spiritual practice, ...

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Featured Instructor: Deirdre Smith-Gilmer

 Why do you teach yoga?

Because it makes me a better human being in general and because I want everyone to benefit from what yoga has to offer. If someone wants yoga to be a part of their path then I’ll tell them everything I know!

What is your teaching history?

I began practicing and teaching yoga in NYC. I taught for New ...

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