How Do You Become a Yoga Instructor When You’re Over 50?

The easiest answer is to practice every day, increase your knowledge of yoga, challenge yourself to go deeper into your practice and take the required courses to earn your certification. Your age doesn’t matter.

Benefits of Aging

As a matter of fact, you may even be better suited to the role of instructor than some of your younger counterparts. After all, you’ve most likely been practicing longer and have a regular practice routine. You know your abilities and your limitations, and you’ve embraced your maturity. You know that your mind is sharper; you are more flexible and you have stronger bones than seniors who have not yet experienced the benefits of a daily yoga practice. You are more centered and confident in your skills. You have the resources and the time. When others ask, “How do you become a yoga instructor?” — you can tell them exactly how and why you’ve made the choice.

Define Your Reasons

Your reason may vary from others over the age of 50 who embark on this journey, but your reasons must be solid and sure. You will have to become a student as you prepare to become the teacher. So no matter what your personal reasons — whether you just want to expand your own horizons or create a new business opportunity — your purpose should be well-defined and completely yours. As you finalize your decision to teach yoga, your own practice will become more focused. Your curiosity about all things yoga will expand. Your understanding of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga will deepen. You move from asking how do you become a yoga instructor to actually finding out.

Study and Grow

Begin to challenge yourself before your classes even start. Deepen your personal practice to prepare yourself for the physical and emotional rigors of an immersive training experience, such as you’ll experience in a program at the Asheville Yoga Center. Read everything you can get your hands on about the various yoga philosophies and how they might affect your own practice. Remain aware of your limitations and your need to learn more. No matter how old you are, you must become childlike in your desire to study and learn.

Embrace Your Motivations

Oftentimes, when seniors are asked how do you become a yoga instructor at your age, they aren’t always sure why they are exploring the path or how they can explain their motivations to others. It really doesn’t matter if others understand your intentions, only that you are committed. You are the critic to whom you must answer. Anyone can do yoga, but not everyone can properly teach yoga. When you come from a place of love and acceptance of your own age and wisdom and embrace the values that drive your commitment to become a yogi or yogini who shares that passion with others, your motivation is clear. Your commitment will not wane as the challenges appear.

How do You Become a Yoga Instructor After 50?

You do it with the zest and excitement of a child, balanced by the knowledge that you have reached midlife and you have made a decision to change. You tackle the challenge with eagerness, knowing that you’ve reared your children, taken care of a family, had a successful career or enjoyed personal success in other arenas. Becoming a yoga teacher later in life may actually be better for you because you won’t enter into the field with doubts or regrets of what other path you may have followed. You’ll know. You become a yoga teacher after the age of 50 with grace and style. You become the person you were meant to be and by following your bliss, the finances, the physical stamina and emotional strength will follow.

You Prefer the Challenges of Life

You should not underestimate the challenges of yoga instructor training. You prepare by stepping up your physical readiness, you maintain a healthy, balanced diet and you increase your mindful meditation. Then you can move forward into training mode, excited about the possibilities, not fearful of the limitations your age may place upon you. The most critical limitations are those you place upon yourself. Do not let others try to discourage your intention or water your motivation with doubt. This, in fact, may actually be the perfect time to become a yoga instructor.

When asked how do you become a yoga instructor at your age, respond with zeal: “Watch me!”

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