What is your favorite part about teaching yoga?

My power class is a fun mix between Masculine and feminine energy. A celebration of the self through strong movement, community  and fun music. We will do some flows to build heat and strength by activating  the core with powerful poses, twists, balance and breath while having compassion and not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. Feeling our strength starting from within, we  will explore flexibility and vulnerability through heart and hip openers. honoring  time for integration in the body with deep rest and listening.

What was your first experience with yoga?

I went to my first class about 15 years ago, but it wasn’t until my first prenatal class when I was pregnant with my son 8 years ago that I really felt a spark. It wasn’t like other “exercise” that I had tried because it wasn’t about getting anywhere, it was about being exactly where I was. Learning to explore one’s own inner landscape is a powerful thing. Through self inquiry and curiosity without judgment I was able to create a connection that I had never felt before. It was like I had been listening to a static radio station and yoga was the knob I needed to turn down the distraction. I love how yoga isn’t about mastering the asana and more about a lifelong choice to listen to our own code and show up with more compassion and present moment awareness. 

When I’m not doing yoga I enjoy spending time with my son and animals. I’m a fan of going for long runs in the woods, being a big silly kid and last but not least, I absolutely adore roller skating!!

What is your favorite yoga pose?

Pigeon pose

I enjoy the amazing hip opening effect while simultaneously folding in on myself feeling the softness of my belly rising and falling as well as connecting back to the breath. trusting myself to open and soften in time. 


Warrior 1 

I feel really powerful yet soft in this pose.

It feels like a metaphor for how I wish to show up in my life. Strong, open and also receiving all at the same time. Feeling my roots while opening to the sky is magic for me.

Twists are also a juicy favorite. If I could purr this pose would do the trick.