Ways Yoga Improves Children’s Health

The early years of our lives set the foundation for who we will become and how we will treat not only ourselves but also others. Good physical and mental health is important, and we believe that all children have a right to the resources they need to live healthy and happily as they embark on each new cycle of life. Building a healthy life for the future is critical to youth development.

Yoga is a great source of mental and physical wellness for children. The world moves at an ever-accelerating pace and kids soon feel the pressures to keep up with everyone surrounding them. Our children encounter a plethora of emotional, social and physical challenges as they grow, and more often than not these factors cause stress. Yoga can counter these pressures and give youth the opportunity to calm down, reflect and find continuous self-discovery. Yoga aids in the development of a strong sense of self enabling children with the skills necessary to discover their place in the world and ways to positively impact their communities. In addition, yoga also helps children focus and concentrate since it encourages them to clear their minds and be present in the moment.

Schools around the country are beginning to introduce yoga into the classroom to give children an outlet to calm down, reset and find focus.  Also, yoga teaches us how to listen, treat and love our bodies unconditionally. Students at Edmunds Elementary in Des Moines, Iowa begin their day with a “Be Well” talk including topics such as thankfulness, being a peacemaker and being a good citizen. These are all important lessons for our children to learn beginning at an early age.

Asheville Yoga Center is fortunate to be able to support generations of young women on their journey to discover their inner strength and appreciation for personal health and wellness by supporting Girls on the Run of WNC in May. This non-profit empowers the lives of young girls to develop the necessary skills to live strong, healthy lives through an established appreciation for personal health and fitness. The organization believes that every girl is inherently full of power and potential and will change the world by first being leaders of their own lives.

Nathalie Claes will be hosting a donation-based class for Girls on the Run on May 28 from 6-7:15. Please join us for this kid-friendly class to support our wonderful Charity of the Month!

Visit the AYC Studio on Thursday, May 30 for a drop-in or community class. Ten percent of these sales will be directly donated to Girls on the Run of WNC to support their impactful work with young ladies in our community. If you are unable to make a class and still want to support this cause, donation boxes will be available in the Studio and Boutique from May 1-31.