Striving to be our Best

Asheville Yoga Center has been sharing yoga love from the heart of Asheville for the past 18 years. Not just from our downtown location in the center of our beloved city, but also from our central values, which happen to be Asheville’s too. We do it because it’s who we are, and it’s what we want to do.

When we say we do things from the heart, we mean it. We donated 21% of our profits to local philanthropic causes last year, and quite frankly, it took our marketing person to tell us that we should tell you! Because AYC is your yoga center, we thought you should know what you’re supporting by supporting us.

Greener Yoga

We consider our environmental impact every step of the way as well as what makes for a great space to practice yoga in. Our custom green-built studio features an efficient thermal envelope with passive solar and low-impact materials. Our water and waste systems have been carefully selected to maintain the smallest environmental footprint. Our new building plan includes the same level of environmental standards; we hope to convert both studios to be fully solar powered this year.

Living Wage

We’re Living Wage Certified by Just Economics WNC. This means we pay our team a fair wage, not just the minimum wage required by the federal government that doesn’t realistically allow for employees to cover basic necessities. We respect and care for our team and offer them free unlimited yoga to make sure they know that.