Feel Prepared & Confident

The 200-Hour program will give you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of yoga. With a diligent curriculum, support from fellow yogis and wisdom from highly skilled teachers, you are in for the journey of a lifetime. This training opportunity could open your world to a newfound career path in yoga. If so, you’ll need to know how to prepare for teaching class! Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Be Authentically You

Some teachers just starting their careers make the mistake of trying to teach with a deeply philosophical style or teach similarly to other instructors they know. Even though it is great to have teachers to look to as examples, take the time to find your own style. You’ll find that your classes will be authentic and flow naturally as you become more comfortable and settled.

Add Your Own Twist

Find something to offer your class that is unique to you and allows you to stand out from other instructors and their classes. Incorporate a quote, intention, or mantra to personalize class with your own flare.

Embrace Being Vulnerable

Prepare yourself without any fear of seeming inadequate. No one will know your sequence ahead of time, so don’t worry about making a mistake. If you’re nervous, bring a notepad or even a single piece of paper that you can glance at occasionally. Having a few notes may help you feel calmer and eliminate lingering teaching jitters.

Have a Set Sequence to Use for Class

When you begin your yoga teaching career, you’ll have a lot to juggle and manage. You shouldn’t have to spend the majority of your time thinking about your specific class sequence. Instead, have one that you can rely on to use regularly. Adapt your sequence to all levels of practitioners by adding modifications throughout. Make your class as fluid and as comfortable as possible for all.

Practice with Your Playlist

If you’re teaching with music, be sure to practice your sequence along with your playlist. Being familiar with subtle cues in the music will remind you of when you should speed up, slow down or just enjoy and relax in the moment.

Give Yourself Some Free Time Before You Teach

To beat the nerves, give yourself some extra time before your class to mentally and physically prepare. Let yourself have time to fully connect to your body, breath and mind. Setting aside this quality time for yourself will set your focus, intention and help you feel confident going into teaching.

Set the Intention for Class with a Reading

Thoughtful readings can be a great addition to your class. They can inspire, inform and educate your students. This is a great way to theme your class!

 Build Relationships with Your Students

Make a point to stay after your class to answer questions and get to know your students. The more personable and accessible you make yourself, and the better relationships you can build with your clients, the better off you will be as you start building your career. Remember to stay confident, flexible and be true to yourself. You’ll continue to grow in your journey and yoga career. We hope these tips help you feel prepared to teach class when you’re ready to take that step!

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