There are so many goodies nestled in the Boutique and Studio! In an effort to make your holiday shopping easy and stress-free, we’ve developed this comprehensive gift guide to give you a variety of great, affordable gift options for your yogi this holiday season.

Gift Ideas for Any Yoga Practice

The holidays are a busy and stressful time which is why yoga is even more necessary for your loved one! In the Boutique, you’ll find endless options to complement any level yoga practitioner.


Is your yogi ready to try a more rigorous class?  Do they complain that they constantly slip on their mat? A mat towel is a great compliment to any power or heated practice and will help them reach their goals. We carry Manduka mat towels in the Boutique which absorb sweat from class, keep any yoga mat clean and dry, and will help retain grip on the mat.

Massage Balls

Take time for self-care during the holidays! You and your loved one can relax by using multiuse massage balls and rollers from RADroller. They are perfect for pressure point work on almost any area of the body and will relieve unwanted tension in the body’s muscles.


Yoga blankets are gentle props that provide sources of warmth and heat when blocks or bolsters seem to be too much. They make Savasana cozy and warm, plus they can put joints at ease with added relaxation.


We have two sustainable types of blocks in the Boutique that are perfect for your environmentally conscious yogi. Our Dragonfly Cork blocks are made from natural and sustainable cork to provide stability to any practice. You can also find locally made, organic buckwheat blocks from Carolina Morning that simultaneously support and cushion.

Mat Bags and Straps

Enhance your yogi’s practice with a mat bag to help them easily transport their yoga mat to and from class. There are a variety of colors and patterns available in the Boutique. Straps are also great tools for any practice as they give control to poses that might seem more difficult to grasp. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to aid your yogi.

Patterned Journals

Enhance your yogi’s meditation and yoga practice with a patterned journal! These beautiful notebooks will help aid with intention setting and give ample space needed to write down thoughts and reflections.

Local and Handcrafted Jewelry

Gift your yogi with beautiful jewelry for any occasion this holiday season.



Shop an array of beautifully hand-crafted earrings made by our very own instructor, Maeve Hendrix. These unique pieces have detailed metal work and custom jewels to make your yogi sparkle and shine.

Japa Mala

Explore a wide variety of wrist malas and full malas made by local brand, Japa Mala. Each piece is made with hand-polished stones and are great additions to your yogi’s meditation practice. These are also perfect budget gifts to keep your shopping low cost.


These handmade pieces are sure to delight! SoulKu jewelry is tasteful and locally made with love. Their single stone necklaces are striking in simplicity and encourage different characteristics and elements in each customer’s life. They can aid in intention setting, meditation and are beautifully ornamental!

AYC Gear and Goodies


Asheville Yoga Center branded tank tops, t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts are available in an assortment of colors and styles. These apparel items are extremely comfortable and will make a great addition to any yoga wardrobe or workout.


These beautifully crafted, double wall, vacuum insulated flasks keep your yogi’s cold drinks colder and hot drinks hotter! Need something for travel? Easily take any drink of choice in the car and on the go. Branded with the Asheville Yoga Center’s iconic logo, we have various styles, sizes and colors available.

Handcrafted Mugs

What better way to celebrate the winter solstice than by cozying up with a steaming hot beverage in an AYC mug! These handmade, clay mugs are thoughtful and unique gifts for anyone. They’re great in the morning for coffee, at night for a cup of warm tea by the fire or on the go!

Home Décor

Add zen to any home with these yoga themed decorative pieces!

Funky Yoga Doormats

These mats are welcoming, sustainable and are made from recycled fibers. They are woven from natural coconut fiber bristles, which are inserted into a weatherproof vinyl backing, and the bristles offer a unique brush-style cleaning surface. These mats are durable and will give an inviting, cozy touch to any home.

Wind Chimes and Bells

Wind chimes and bells are calming and will enhance the esthetic look of any home. These yoga themed pieces, from Matr Boomie, are the perfect addition to create a warm and serene experience. Choose from a variety of designs and sizes!

Gift Cards

Some people are so hard to shop for! But for your picky yogi, an AYC gift card is a great choice. Don’t stress about finding that “perfect something.” Let your loved one pick out exactly what they want from apparel, props and accessories in the Boutique. You can even give your yogi yoga classes if that’s what they need most! Studio gift cards can be purchased in-person or online. Gift cards to the Boutique can only be purchased in-person.

We hope these ideas help you as you start your holiday shopping! If you need any help finding gifts or have questions about our products, a member of our team will be happy to help you. Visit us daily from 11am-6pm in the Boutique!

Give the Gift of Yoga

During the stressful holiday season, yoga classes might just be the gift your yogi needs most! If your loved one wants to get started with their yoga journey, you can gift them with 30 days of yoga with an Intro Special. Want to take it up a notch? We also have an Intro Special Bundle which includes an Intro Special, mat, block and strap to equip any yogi with the tools they need for their practice.

Does your loved one already have a practice? Treat them to the ultimate yoga gift with an unlimited or limited membership! Visit our Studio for more information.