Valuable Tips for Becoming a Yoga Teacher

What brings people to the practice of yoga are often deeply personal issues. As a Yoga teacher, to be able to handle the variety of students, in all their shapes and sizes as well as expectations, ideas and goals, requires an excellent and comprehensive education. Yoga continues to grow exponentially and thusly, the demand for competent teachers is as high as ever. And it’s everywhere: From small rural towns to big urban cities; from small retreat centers in Central America to large cruise ships in the Bahamas. Students all over the world are seeking genuine guidance. And many are searching for something deeper than their daily practice and/or weekly classes. With the realization that Yoga Teacher Training is the next step, here are some simple tips to help you see it from all angles.

Understand Your Motivation

When you know what is motivating you to turn to yoga instruction as your livelihood, you can rely on that internal motivation to get you through the challenges ahead. Is it because you want to be able to master fancy poses? Or maybe you want to be able to help some family members with specific health issues? Or maybe you want to quit your day job? Here are some ways to help examine some questions that might arise for you.

Are You Looking for a Transformative Adventure?

Yoga Teacher Training will be a life-changing experience. You will learn more than you ever thought was possible. Lessons on Yoga, ethics, psychology, health, are all integrated within most Yoga training schools. It will be an emotional journey as well, but you will be riding these waves with like-minded seekers who will end up supporting you in ways that creates life-long friendships.

Firmly State Your Intentions

Becoming a yoga teacher requires extensive inner strength and forethought. This is not something to jump into on a whim. In addition to knowing why you are becoming a yoga teacher, you also need to be clear about your ultimate goals. Perhaps there are teachers that you can talk with to see if this is the right choice for you. Consider these things:

Prepare Ahead of Time

Most teacher training programs require a daily practice. It’s vital that you have an integrated practice before becoming a yoga teacher. It’s what will eventually inspire you as a yoga teacher. More inspiration will come from the required reading. Definitely start reading before you begin your training. Delve into the deep history and philosophical ideas that you will be covering in school. Approach your own practice with gusto. Prepare to be the ultimate student and you will be ready to be the ultimate teacher.

Commit Completely

Becoming a yoga teacher is a path that demands a full commitment — financially, mentally, physically and spiritually. You will be asked to pay for the class upfront and attend all the sessions. Make sure that your commitment is complete before taking the leap. Becoming a yoga teacher will demand some sacrifice that you must be willing to undertake, or you won’t last. You will be learning from your instructors but your peers as well, so missing classes is strongly discouraged and often comes with steep penalties. Success requires 100% commitment from you. With this intention, you will thrive and your future will be clear.

Physically Prepare

You will be under enormous pressure to be present and participate fully in all the training. If you are like most yoga teachers, you will be your own worst critic. Prepare for the rigors ahead by making sure you are at your physical peak. Eat well and hone your physical abilities so they are peak. Rest, nurture, and relax often, as these is a vital pieces of maintaining balance.

Mentally Prepare

Just as your physical training should be at its peak prior to starting class, so your mind should be in tip-top condition as well. Free yourself from nagging doubts, negative thoughts, and distractions with meditation. It is strongly recommended to begin (if you don’t already) a daily meditation practice. Just five minutes a day can soothe our minds from all the stress and doubts we pile in there. You need to have confidence in your abilities and your tenacity. Nurture yourself with a daily meditation practice and know that you may change during the process — for the better.

Learn from the Best

You deserve the best trainers that you can find. There are many yoga trainers out there, so do your research to ensure you feel most aligned with your chosen school. See if you can find a program to meet all your needs: one that follows a philosophy you admire and provides the instruction you crave. A quality yoga training program should give all these details: prerequisites, all costs, what to expect each day, descriptions of all the instructors, what to expect after graduation, and so on. Spend time to research with care. A good place to start is Asheville Yoga Center.

Make Sure Business is Covered

You can’t share your gift if people don’t know about you and your classes. A quality training program will cover marketing, social media, insurance, and the basics of getting a job. The process of creating and growing a yoga business can be just as exciting and fulfilling as holding the perfect pose.

Have a Support System

Because Yoga school will demand your time and energy, it is super helpful that those around you are supportive of this time. For instance, it is incredibly challenging to try and be a full time parent and go to yoga school. You just won’t be able to give your studies and home practice the full attention it deserves, thus you may not grow into the best yoga teacher you can possibly be. And isn’t that the main reason for taking a teacher training?

So keep reminding yourself of the motivation that got you here in the first place. If becoming a yoga teacher is your dream, make it come true with a plan, then follow through with your intentions and find that harmony, peace of mind and personal fulfillment in all you do.