20-Minute Sequence for a Great Night’s Sleep

It can be hard to make the transition from a busy day to a restful night’s sleep. Try this 20-minute sequence to help you relax, body and mind, and ease you into dreamland. To enhance this gentle practice, listen to calming music or use calming lavender essential oil in a diffuser.

 Legs up the wall
Sit with your back to the wall. Roll over to one side. Raise the leg closest to the wall up and then against the wall. Raise the other leg so both legs are on the wall. Arms can be in any position that is comfortable (for example, out in a T or by your sides). Keep both legs up on the wall for 4 minutes.

Keep one leg straight and bend the other leg. Place bent leg under knee of straight leg. Now put a slight bend in the straight leg so a light stretch is felt. Hold for 2 minutes and then do the same on the opposite side.

Hold pose for 8 minutes.

Supported Bridge
Lay on a bolster so it runs along your spine and hits on the bottom 1/2 of the shoulder blade, allowing chest to open. Feet can be supported by a block or level.

For an alternate pose, use the block for support under the sacrum: start with lowest level of the block. Feet can be supported or level.

Hold pose for 4 minutes.

Cobbler’s Pose
Lie on bolster with the end of bolster touching the waist. Blanket can be used as a pillow for your head. Shoulders rolled open, soles of feet together with knees out. Support knees with either blocks or blankets. Lengthen the back of hip and tailbone toward the feet.

Hold pose for 4 minutes.

Constructive Rest
Stack 2 bolsters on top of each other or lie on the floor with calves resting on the seat of a chair. This position will put help relax your psoas muscles. Gently place one hand over your heart and one on your belly. As you tune into the rhythm of the breath, feel your breathing and heartbeat slow down, enhancing the feeling of relaxation.

Hold pose for 4 minutes.