Yogi Tips for Spring Cleansing

Spring is the ideal season for cleansing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is related to the wood element, which tends the liver and gall bladder. These organs focus on the cleansing process: secretion and detoxification. As things get moving in nature, our bodies need to get moving too in order to avoid winter stagnation that manifests in digestive disrupts, respiratory congestion or headaches. Supporting detoxification, drainage and circulation with food choices and movement can help kick off our spring cleanse.


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Featured Instructor: Kumiko Yamada

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Kumiko Yamada (aka Kumari) is originally from Tokyo, Japan and brings a wonderful understanding of the world to her classes. She has been teaching yoga in New York and internationally for over a decade. She is trained in both vinyasa and Jivamukti styles and has a BSc in psychology from Boston University.

Kumiko is an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher and was the Director of Continuing Education at Jivamukti before moving to Asheville ...

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Is yoga popular?

If you were to Google “Yoga popularity” you will find pages upon pages of articles talking about the popularity of yoga. So the question this article asks is: Is yoga popular? The answer that this post comes up with may surprise you.

Before we jump into answering this question we should clarify by what we mean by yoga. In this article the practice of yoga asana or the yoga of postures is referred to as yoga. The practice of all 8 ...

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The Johnny Appleseed of Yoga

I have been trying to figure out how to get these thoughts out of my head and I have finally settled on stream of consciousness…if this seems disjointed I do apologize.

I feel extremely blessed in my life. My marriage has survived for almost 28 years and many ups and downs. Somehow we always manage to find ...

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The Story of Yoga [VIDEO]

Yoga is practiced by millions today. But in the early 1900s yoga was unknown and on the decline. What happened that led to this transformation? This story tells you how yoga moved from the obscurity of the caves in the Himalayas and into our everyday lives. The story of yoga is the story of extraordinary sacrifice and extraordinary people. Now in about 5 minutes you will get this story that has never been told in this way before!


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Shakti and Asana with Rich Fabio [VIDEO]

In this video Asheville Yoga Center teacher, Rich Fabio talks about yoga asana and the way in which it offers something unique to practitioners.

Yoga poses are more dynamic than simply placing your body into a certain position. In yoga class, we learn to unite our body and our mind with universal creative energy (Shakti). With practice, this quality of yoga asana extends beyond our bodies and enriches our lives and as Rich says, “makes it something you want to study ...

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The Give and Take of the Practice

It never ceases to amaze me how I can start the day in a very low place yet end it much better.

What did I do to change the mood? Teach.

Like many women from time to time I get full of self doubt.  Have I made the right decisions in my life?  Should I have stayed home with my kids until the graduated high school and not just through elementary? Everyone makes mistakes, I understand that.  But are they truly mistakes ...

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Building Update – May 2011

It’s been a while and we get questions all the time so here is the skinny on our new yoga center.

We hope to break ground in May.


Recently we put together a survey and got back some really great feedback. Some of what we got was related to the new building. Here is a short list of what is wanted in the new space according to the survey responses.

  • Bigger waiting/entry area
  • More bathrooms
  • More changing rooms
  • Not too upscale, keep it relaxed
  • Keep the cloud ...
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Kapalabhati Breathing

Kapal = Forehead

Bhati = Light

Skull Shining Breath

This breathing technique is designed to cleanse and energize the body and clear and focus the mind. Practicing this breath will generate a heat in the body (you will notice this right away) which helps to remove toxins and waste. It is also a great practice for winter as it helps keep major organs (liver, spleen, kidneys) warm and oxygenated thus providing a boost to your immune system. Kapalabhati strengthens the lungs and respiratory ...

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