12 Days of Holiday Cheer by Stephanie Keach

Stephanie Keach
1. Inhale, breathe in Peace.
2. Exhale, smile at Peace.
3. Let Love in.
4. Let Love out.
5. Sign up for yoga classes and workshops to help you stay centered this season.
6. Get a massage/Take a bath/Have a nap.
7. Donate some of your abundance (stuff to thrift stores/money to charities/time to shelters).
8. Meet someone new at yoga: say, “hello,” smile, and watch the magic!
9. Try ...

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Gratitude Part Two by Stephanie Keach

Stephanie KeachSo much of who we are is conditioning; we are endlessly influenced by our media, our family, our culture. The pressures of conformity and consumerism during this time of year are immense and unavoidable (in the U.S.A.). It’s also the darkest part of the year, so stress is creeping in; it’s also the end of the year, so stress is creeping in; it’s often very cold, and that combined with extra ...

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“Gratitude” by Stephanie Keach

stephanieheadshot_1024We are entering a time when Gratitude is pulling at our awareness. We have a huge national holiday named after it, but in the busyness of the season, we forget. We forget to stop and remember how blessed we all are. In different and abundant ways, we are all so privileged – it is really amazing. (I say this, because if you are reading this right now, you are looking at a ...

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Stephanie Keachby Stephanie Keach

But everyday is mother’s day! Please don’t get so affected by Hallmark’s marketing and propaganda, and if you do cave in and buy something, try to make it a sustainable, conscious, earth-friendly purchase (hint: massage gift certificate! yoga workshop! local organic food!).

A good friend of mine (and revered yoga master) recently suggested that we adjust our students like they were our mothers (not friends, siblings, or lovers). ...

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Don’t Waste Time by Stephanie Keach

This was THE big teaching at the Buddhist monastery where I hung out when I was younger. Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha was posted outside the temple, we all had to walk past it several times a day, and were told it meant: “Quit messing around with your traumas and dramas! The time is NOW! Enlightenment is NOW!”

I don’t call myself a Buddhist, but I do meditate in the zen style of zazen ...

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In This Moment

This moment contains all that we need for peace and serenity. When we can become aware of the many ways in which our minds are continually resisting being present, we can experience the moment, experience the peace of the moment. We can awaken.

Truly, we can realize that as far as being present, we are in possession of all that we need for peace, for being love.

Meditation is one of ...

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When the components of yoga are practiced, impurities dwindle; then, the light of understanding can shine forth, illuminating the way to discriminative awareness.

Then the veil lifts from the mind’s luminosity.

And the mind’s potential for concentration is realized.

Then the senses reside utterly in the service of realization.

(Yoga Sutras, Chip Hartranft’s translation)


Pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses from the external ...

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Yoga, Scantily Clad

So- first, I must admit, no one could be more surprised than I at this posting. Not my usual realm of contemplation, not even close.

It went down like this- the other night my husband was online and what drew me over to look at his screen with him was the music. What kept me looking was the yoga. I’m talking about the recent Equinox video with Briohny Smyth – you can view it here.

I was mesmerized and ...

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