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Stephanie Keachby Stephanie Keach

But everyday is mother’s day! Please don’t get so affected by Hallmark’s marketing and propaganda, and if you do cave in and buy something, try to make it a sustainable, conscious, earth-friendly purchase (hint: massage gift certificate! yoga workshop! local organic food!).

A good friend of mine (and revered yoga master) recently suggested that we adjust our students like they were our mothers (not friends, siblings, or lovers). ...

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Don’t Waste Time by Stephanie Keach

This was THE big teaching at the Buddhist monastery where I hung out when I was younger. Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha was posted outside the temple, we all had to walk past it several times a day, and were told it meant: “Quit messing around with your traumas and dramas! The time is NOW! Enlightenment is NOW!”

I don’t call myself a Buddhist, but I do meditate in the zen style of zazen ...

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What is Yoga? Shala Rain on Yoga Teacher Training [VIDEO]

What is Yoga? Shala Rain on Yoga Teacher Training [VIDEO]

Learn more about our 200, 500 and 1000 hour Yoga Teacher Trainings and Therapeutic Yoga Certifications at

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In This Moment

This moment contains all that we need for peace and serenity. When we can become aware of the many ways in which our minds are continually resisting being present, we can experience the moment, experience the peace of the moment. We can awaken.

Truly, we can realize that as far as being present, we are in possession of all that we need for peace, for being love.

Meditation is one of ...

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When the components of yoga are practiced, impurities dwindle; then, the light of understanding can shine forth, illuminating the way to discriminative awareness.

Then the veil lifts from the mind’s luminosity.

And the mind’s potential for concentration is realized.

Then the senses reside utterly in the service of realization.

(Yoga Sutras, Chip Hartranft’s translation)


Pratyahara, the withdrawal of the senses from the external ...

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Yoga, Scantily Clad

So- first, I must admit, no one could be more surprised than I at this posting. Not my usual realm of contemplation, not even close.

It went down like this- the other night my husband was online and what drew me over to look at his screen with him was the music. What kept me looking was the yoga. I’m talking about the recent Equinox video with Briohny Smyth – you can view it here.

I was mesmerized and ...

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Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice has always seemed like a time to draw in closer to the hearth, closer to the family as well as closer to our most inner self. The year has been spent, for better or worse, we have sowed and reaped. Now feels like a time of caring for our deepest selves, our soul selves. It is nice to put some portion of the day ...

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Why Yoga?

by Alan Muskat

Patanjali, considered the father of yoga, wrote that “the objective of all yoga is to inhibit the modifications of the mind.” In other words, the goal of yoga is to stop thinking: to get out of your head. What happens when you do that? It’s not just calming; it’s eye-opening. You see things as they really are, not through rose or gray-colored glasses, those “modifications of the mind.” You get REAL. And when you get real, you heal.

Yoga ...

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Gratitude is perhaps one of the most transforming energies that we can allow into our beings.

It has been my experience that simply by inviting gratitude to dwell in my heart I can shift out of any experience or moment and immediately find myself in a higher, better place.

My yoga teacher, Yogi Bhajan, used to say “the attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.” I would add that not only is it the highest yoga, it is the easiest and the ...

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The Stress Trap [VIDEO]

Many of us suffer from chronic-illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, depression, anxiety, etc. However very few of us realize that many of these problems are related to something called a “stress-trap”. For the first time ever a short video presentation has been created to illustrate this concept and show you a way out:


MyLifeYoga is the creation of Ketna and Raj ...

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