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What Yoga Teacher Certification Means

Do you really need yoga teacher certification to teach a yoga class? Why does that “RYT” suffix matter? Hasn’t it been said that anyone can teach yoga? Why go through the bother of graduating from a costly and time-consuming certified yoga teacher training program? Can’t you just learn the poses well enough to teach them?
These are all good questions, but before we delve into the answers, let’s examine the different yoga certifications to understand what they mean.

Yoga ...

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Yoga & Emotions: On Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Yoga, when done regularly and with intention, is known as a way to integrate your mind, body and spirit. Through a mindful yoga practice, you can learn to better control your emotions and bring peace and harmony to your outer and inner lives.
This is but one reason yoga teacher training programs, like the ones offered by the Asheville Yoga Center, want their students to have a daily yoga practice before starting. When you’re thinking of becoming a yoga teacher, ...
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The Components of Yoga Teacher Certification

When you begin your path toward becoming a yoga teacher, you may find that a variety of the requirements test your body, mind and spirit. Yoga teacher training will push you to the edge of your abilities. It’s necessary to bring out the best yogi or yogini in you. A yoga teacher certification program presents a number of yoga styles, practices and philosophies for you to learn and embody. Before you can even begin your training, however, you must be ...
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Focus & Communication: Two Skills a Yoga Teacher Needs

In the universe of skills you need to develop during your yoga instructor training, two of the most vital are: learning how to focus and learning how to communicate effectively. Your training will teach you both skills, but first you must learn to listen. While you will learn to focus outside yourself, you also may find freedom as you focus within.

“When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others.”

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How Do You Become a Yoga Instructor When You’re Over 50?

How do you become a yoga instructor when you’re over 50 years old? The easiest answer is to practice every day, increase your knowledge of yoga, challenge yourself to go deeper into your practice and take the required courses to earn your certification. Your age doesn’t matter.

Benefits of Aging

As a matter of fact, you may even be better suited to the role of instructor than some of your younger counterparts. After all, you’ve most likely been practicing longer ...

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Valuable Tips for Becoming a Yoga Teacher

The practice of yoga has a rich and for many, very personal history. The demand for competent teachers is as high as ever. It’s everywhere, too. From small rural towns to big urban cities, students clamor for guidance. Students come in all sizes and shapes as well. They come with a variety of expectations, ideas and goals. Many yogis and yoginis take their practice very seriously and work at it on a daily basis. In fact, yoga defines their existence. ...
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Confidence-Building Lessons for Your First Yoga Class

Once you’ve finished your yoga instructor training, you must tell yourself you’re ready to actually lead a class. Your training at Asheville Yoga Center has prepared you for this moment. You’ve worked hard and even helped out in some classes. You know your postures backward and frontward. You’ve created your own sequence, and you know what you want to say. In theory. Yet you still fear leading your first solo class.

Yoga Instructor Training Lesson #1: Lead Through ...

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Stephanie Keachby Stephanie Keach

But everyday is mother’s day! Please don’t get so affected by Hallmark’s marketing and propaganda, and if you do cave in and buy something, try to make it a sustainable, conscious, earth-friendly purchase (hint: massage gift certificate! yoga workshop! local organic food!).

A good friend of mine (and revered yoga master) recently suggested that we adjust our students like they were our mothers (not friends, siblings, or lovers). ...

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Featured Instructor: Izzy Shurte


Izzy Shurte fell in love with yoga while in college, however it was the catalyst of losing her father suddenly at twenty-nine years old that prompted her to seek solace in committed daily asana practice. Izzy is a graduate of Asheville Yoga Center’s 200 HR Teacher Training program along with AYC’s Classics of Yoga 500 HR program. Currently Izzy is completing a Masters in Mental Health ...

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Featured Instructor: Kumiko Yamada

photo 1

Kumiko Yamada (aka Kumari) is originally from Tokyo, Japan and brings a wonderful understanding of the world to her classes. She has been teaching yoga in New York and internationally for over a decade. She is trained in both vinyasa and Jivamukti styles and has a BSc in psychology from Boston University.

Kumiko is an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher and was the Director of Continuing Education at Jivamukti before moving to Asheville ...

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