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Featured Instructor: Adam Shirley

Adam Shirley

Why do you teach yoga?

I believe in change. The practice of yoga facilitates change for the better in most people and through the practice of yoga, I was able to change old patterns and replace them with new, more appropriate patterns. Yoga is a powerful form of self observation and understanding of your true nature, through consistent practice one is able to become more than the sum of ones parts. Also agoraphobia ...

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Featured Instructor: Anna Levesque

Why do you teach yoga?

Yoga has been a powerful healer in my life. Teaching yoga is a way to share that healing with others and teaching helps me to integrate the teachings and the practice more deeply into my own life.
What is your teaching history?
I’ve been teaching on my kayaking programs/retreats around the world for over 10 years. I’ve produced several whitewater kayaking instructional DVDs that include yoga ...

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Rise and Become a Yoga Instructor

Just as meditation provides a “cosmic cushion” to help you navigate mental, emotional and spiritual upheaval, yoga instructor certification can provide a cushion of competence that you — in your life and and your business — can rely on. The skills and strengths you learn from a yoga instructor certification program can help you overcome whatever lessons life has in store for you. Like a good friend, your yoga teacher training will see you through any challenge.

One door often ...

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How Do You Become a Yoga Instructor Everyone Wants?

Yoga instructors have become a ubiquitous fixture on the American landscape. As more and more people discover the benefits of the ancient art, they are seeking teachers to lead them. To develop a following of loyal, committed yoga practitioners, you need to build a business that stands out from the fray.

You underwent extensive training when you first asked yourself how do you become a yoga instructor. You have a stringent practice ethic of your own and understand the elements ...

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Featured Instructor: Paige Gilchrist


Why do you teach yoga?

I love creating experiences that help people tap into their innate ability to feel more connected to all the parts of themselves and to the world around them. Yoga offers so many tools for doing that, from physical postures and breathing techniques to chanting, relaxation exercises, and mindfulness practices. It’s such a joy and honor to weave together classes and private sessions that draw on the depth and ...

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5 Yoga Poses Away from a Better Night’s Sleep

Whether you suffer from insomnia, or you just want to relax for a few minutes before sleep, bedtime yoga can help you have a more restful night’s sleep. Taking just a few minutes in bed before you fall asleep to do these simple yoga poses may help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and stay asleep longer.

As you climb into bed for the night, take just a few minutes before you do these simple poses, to bring your focus to ...

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The Different Types of Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga is taking over the country, creating a demand for certified yoga instructors. Why is it important to be certified? Only through yoga teacher certification can yoga students be assured that the classes they take are led by trained and experienced teachers. Certification is the great equalizer, like a massage therapy license.

Yoga instructors with proper credentials have the skills to teach the practice safely to students regardless of their level or preferred style of yoga. Yoga instructors who have ...

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Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

“Every yoga instructor needs this course. It is by far the most in-depth training the Asheville Yoga Center offers. These 11 juicy weekends provide all of the information–including the detailed  anatomy and physiology–you need to know to work one-on-one with any yoga student that comes through your door.” 
~ Stephanie Keach, Founder of the Asheville Yoga Center and original creator of the Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training.

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Teach Yoga While Attending College

Yoga is a path to find your true self and to honor that journey in your life. As you know, yoga teacher trainings can help you strengthen and deepen your yoga practice, delve into your bliss and discover your true nature. Perhaps your daily practice and yoga teacher trainings have guided you to return to a more conventional educational journey.

Teaching yoga while you attend college can serve you well in many different ways. It can help you reduce ...

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5 Tips to Prepare for the Training of Your Life

Once you’ve developed a strong desire to move from the role of student to become the teacher, you may wonder: How do you become a yoga instructor with the tools you have now? You may feel that you are ready, but there are several steps to take before you immerse yourself in the process.

You’ll be competing with a slew of potential teachers as the yoga movement continues to grow, so step back a moment and follow these five tips ...

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