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Expansion Update


Just a reminder and for those that missed our announcement, here’s an update; We bought the property behind our mothership studio and have been busy renovating the 5,500 square feet, ‘80s-era, medical office building into a solar-powered, kick-ass yoga boutique, community event space, and teacher training facility.

The renovation is going well. We seem to be on track for an early October opening. We’ve raised the roof, framed out all the rooms and are installing ...

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The 5 Tenents of Jivamukti Yoga

Adam & KumikoHot, hip, and holy.

Created in 1984 by Sharon Gannon and David Life, Jivamukti yoga strives to help us fulfill our true potential, liberation in this life! It is a practice that allows us to access the underlying, subtle, and esoteric teachings of yoga. Through the practice of the 5 tenents we strive for a life, not just a yoga asana class, that allows us to express compassion and create a mutually ...

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Yoga for Stress

Do you feel great? Alive and vital? If not, consider the role that stress might be playing in your life.
Stress can greatly diminish our energy. Stress quite literally robs us of our vitality. We live in an
increasingly stressful world and the potential for the experience of stress comes at us from many
places: work, relationships, current events, life events, social media and information overload can all
create the sensation of stress in our bodies and minds.

Thankfully, yoga and ...

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Featured Instructor: Denise Daneck


Why do you teach yoga?

Yoga is amazingly healing on all levels. It is a gift to share and anyone who feels called to should!  What an incredible opportunity to dissolve boundaries, connect unconditionally on a soul-level, and explore the power of collective group energy with sacred intentions! I love all of the possibilities that teaching offers.

What is your teaching history?

I began reading the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and all kinds of texts on ...

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Featured Instructor: Rich Fabio

rf arms wide clouds

Why do you teach yoga?

It agrees with me.  Every other line of work I tried I wasn’t very good at.  I used to work so I could be a yogi in my off time.  Now, I see work as a contribution to society and my community. It is an extension of who I am.

What is your teaching history?

I have explored many styles and facets of yoga.  I first started teaching meditation ...

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Striving to be our Best

Asheville Yoga Center has been sharing yoga love from the heart of Asheville for the past 18 years. Not just from our downtown location in the center of our beloved city, but also from our central values, which happen to be Asheville’s too. We do it because it’s who we are, and it’s what we want to do.

When we say we do things from the heart, we mean it. We donated 21% of our profits to local philanthropic causes last ...

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Yogi Tips for Spring Cleansing

Spring is the ideal season for cleansing. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is related to the wood element, which tends the liver and gall bladder. These organs focus on the cleansing process: secretion and detoxification. As things get moving in nature, our bodies need to get moving too in order to avoid winter stagnation that manifests in digestive disrupts, respiratory congestion or headaches. Supporting detoxification, drainage and circulation with food choices and movement can help kick off our spring cleanse.


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Yogic Chakra Guide


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Yoga and the Pelvis: Beyond Mula Bandha

Let’s just admit it: on a cultural level, we are wildly dysfunctional about all things pelvis. We have near-epidemic urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, fertility and birthing challenges, progressively lower sperm counts, and a variety of pelvic pain syndromes. And we have yet to overcome our cultural judgment and outright hatred fueled by sexuality. In Yoga Land, these are all pelvic issues, from the structural to pose - female in sport clothes performing exerciseContinue Reading ?

Featured Instructor: Janelle Railey

Janelle RaileyWhy do you teach yoga?

I view teaching as a means of joining people in the process of experimenting with freedom, potential and limitations. I am consistently amazed by how people seem to find something new that they can rely on in the midst of difficulty. Yoga is hard work and I deeply appreciate how engaging in this practice creates a forum where we can together keep saying yes to something that does actually ...

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