AYC History

Asheville Yoga Center History

Sunny and Stephanie Keach are the founders of the Asheville Yoga Center. They live in Asheville, North Carolina with their 3 sons. When Steph and Sunny met in 1994 at massage school, they spoke of their dreams and plans for the future: to affect positive change in the world through health, healing, education, movement and music. Oh, and to have a big family! Several years, a marriage, a move across the country, and many births later that dream was realized. They both feel very honored and blessed to have stewarded such a thriving business where people are taught and supported using yoga for healing and self-growth. 

51sch1dmyzl-_ux250__postcard_backStephanie began doing Yoga after she fractured her back in a car accident. Yoga changed her life and helped her heal her back by herself. She began to study with teachers like Erich Schiffman and Rod Stryker, and then began to teach herself. Stephanie is the Mama Bear of all AYC’s programs and would like to be President of Yoga one day. Read feedback from her Teacher training students.

suncrow_postcard_backSunny Keach’s interest and practice in meditation, Buddhism, and the human potential began around 1983. It wasn’t until Stephanie invited him to one of her yoga classes in 1994 that he began an asana practice. Sunny currently spends his time managing the Yoga Center, parenting three teenage boys, gardening, cycling, dancing and playing West African drums.  He is one of the founders of Asheville’s infamous Friday Night Drum Circle and can often be seen healing with rhythm.