Wednesday, November 25, no classes.
Thursday, November 26, no classes.
Friday, November 27, all classes open.

Thursday, December 24, closed at 2pm
Friday, December 25, no classes.
Saturday, December 26, all classes open.

Thursday, December 31, all classes open.
Friday, January 1, all classes open.

We wish you all Joy and Peace!

  • Thank you. Thank you. I loved every minute of the program. It has challenged me, strengthened me and opened my heart! No complaints. I feel well-prepared, though I know I will never stop learning. –Live in Total Yoga Graduate

  • Thank you and Peace. I've learned so much about myself during this course. I feel it has just been the beginning of a life's work. The seeds were planted long ago now the sun of Yoga has warmed them to sprout and grow. I loved all the reading. Every weekend was challenging and rewarding. I never felt as if my time was being wasted. All the instructors were patient kind and knowledgeable I love learning about and being exposed to so many different aspects of Yoga.–C. Eberhardt

  • Thank you! all my teachers! You inspire me to always be present and true. I realize that the hard work will never end, I rejoice in the work and learning ahead..–Jackson Drew Whisnant

  • The most amazing thing I've ever done!!! (besides Burning Man!)–(on the Total Yoga Immersion) Meredith Nelson-Wray 

  • Immersion with Stephanie was life changing!–Kim McMurray

  • I love how you incorporate all aspects of Yoga into the training: History, philosophy, reading, pranayama, meditation, asana, self-exploration, chanting, play.. I also love how you bring in so many different teachers so we are exposed to many different and affective styles. Thank you for a great experience!–Live in Total Yoga Graduate

  • These last months have been beyond my wildest dreams - Yoga has become my passion. My life! I was in awe of the education I have received..much deeper and more technical than anything I gained from medical courses I have taken in the past. I am thankful for all the knowledge and compassion that has been passed on to me through such beautiful people and I am grateful and thankful for them all. This has been quite a humbling experience for me. Stephanie, thanks for your love, support, your gifts, your wonderful storytelling, sharing yourself with us and all your hard work!–S. Dulken

  • Teacher training with Steph: Thirty bodies bathed in sweat. Windows completely steamed pull the shade on the outside world. "It's not the pose. It's the journey" has become my mantra.–Sky Bridges