Giving Back to Those in Need

One of the most humbling and beautiful principles of yoga is “seva,” the Sanskrit word meaning “service-mindedness.” In ancient India, seva (pronounced seh-va) was thought to improve an individual’s spiritual growth through acts of selfless community service. It is the essence of giving without any intention of receiving anything in return.

In March, Asheville Yoga Center will be fundraising for Pisgah Legal Services, a local innovative non-profit law firm that has been serving Asheville and the greater Western North Carolina area since 1978. The organization provides legal assistance and advocacy to help low-income individuals meet their basic needs and improve their lives. Their work includes helping more than 15,000 of the most vulnerable people in our communities annually to meet needs such as housing, safety from abuse, health care and income.

AYC is fortunate to share similar values with those of Pisgah Legal Services. As a yoga center, we are dedicated to inspiring others to recognize their worth and greatness and support each other to create the environment and resources necessary to live a healthy and meaningful life.

Yoga is far more than just a type of exercise routine or a break from busy day-to-day life. Its principles serve as a guiding light for how we should live on and off the mat. We believe that it is our duty and calling to show seva in our lives by giving back to those in need in any way that we can. Ram Dass, world-renowned spiritual influencer, eloquently explains the beauty of seva: “Helping out is not some special skill. It is not the domain of rare individuals. It is not confined to a single part of our lives. We simply heed the call of that natural impulse within and follow it where it leads us.”

Ways You Can Show Support

As spring stretches out her sleepy fingertips to nourish our earth in this new season, we too must nourish our community. Join us as we work to support this amazing organization and help our community continue to grow and blossom through advocacy and service.

To learn more, a representative from Pisgah Legal Services will be at the Studio to answer any questions as a part of our donation day on March 28.