Roll into Summer: Guide to Releasing Tension with Myofascial Release

Dive into our latest Ball Blog where we explore transformative techniques to alleviate tension in your calves, shins, traps, pecs, quads, and psoas. This step-by-step guide combines targeted ball work with asanas to enhance flexibility and well-being. Perfect for summer, these routines will help you release stress and improve your body’s performance. Whether you’re preparing for a yoga session or looking for a quick tension relief, our guide provides simple, effective methods to rejuvenate your body and mind this season.

Teacher Feature: Michael Johnson

My initial experience with Yoga was a class with Jonny Kest back in 1999 in Royal Oak, MI. It was a Vipassanā meditation combined with what is now called Yin Yoga. We held each posture for about 3-5 minutes while focusing on the breath until we chose to rest. It helped me focus my attention and develop impulse control in a way that inspired me immensely. I went on to sit three 10-day Vipassanā retreats, traveled to India and completed many Yoga teacher trainings to teach it full time for the last 20 years. 

Teacher Feature: Get to Know Alex Alberti

I find the sacred union that we experience through yoga to be the most sensational feeling. To be able to hold space and honor these ancient practices in a safe and loving community is incredibly rewarding. I love supporting people as they grow and evolve, and sharing this sacred practice and goal of self realization.

Harmonizing Yoga and Ayurveda: Navigating Kapha Balance in Spring

Harmonizing Yoga and Ayurveda: Navigating Kapha Balance in Spring By: Shala Worsley According to Ayurveda, Kapha Dosha is naturally high during the transition from Winter to Spring, especially when the weather is cool and damp. Kapha dosha is one of the three fundamental energies in Ayurveda, representing stability, strength, and cohesion. It governs qualities like […]

Spring Renewal: Yoga and Ball Rolling for Mind, Body, and ‘Sole’

I like to do a little asana test before I start, as a warm-up but also as a way to watch my progress. Then, I do the ball work on one side, then I re-do the asana, then do the ball work on the other side and then repeat the asana one short final time so that I can see the difference the ball work made.

Teacher Feature: Get to Know Luna Ray

When I was 21 I lived in Lake Tahoe, CA, and I took a vinyasa yoga class at the community college there.  Amrita, from England, was my first teacher and after close to 20 classes doing the same poses and sequences over and over, I was hooked. I remember having deeply profound experiences in savasana at that time, and I never looked back. 

‘Bringing Yoga to Life’ March Newsletter

bringing yoga to life

A deeper intention is for our yoga practice (whether it’s gentler or more physically rigorous) to support how we sit with ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, and consciousness in each moment no matter what is going on around us.

Teacher Feature: Get to Know Amber Vanbuhler

What I find most rewarding about teaching yoga is that I get to spread this amazing and wonderful gift that nourishes peoples’ bodies, minds and hearts. I feel so honored that I am a vessel for this ancient wisdom to flow through and help change the world.

Teacher Feature: Get to Know Rosie Mulford

My very first introduction to yoga was in 1974 when my neighbor, Eve Diskin, then the president of the American Yoga association, came to my school to teach me how to do yoga. In all honesty the only thing I remember is that we did shoulder stand! And I thought it was so cool!

Teacher Feature: Get to Know Seán Johnson

I’ll be honest— I was really turned off by my first experience with yoga. After having many friends tell me how I should try yoga for its peaceful benefits, I signed up for an Intro to Yoga course. As I lay down on my mat preparing for class to begin, the teacher walked over, stomped his foot onto the floor next to my mat, leaned over, and yelled at me to move my mat so that it was in precise alignment with the wall. When I moved it, he yelled again saying it was still a millimeter off. Shortly afterwards, he started walking on his hands around the room, admonishing other students for various inadequacies in the way they were practicing. After the class, I walked out and thought to myself, “what an @#$%&!, if this is yoga, it’s not for me.” I had paid in advance for the course, but didn’t return, and based upon that experience, planned on staying clear of yoga in this lifetime…