What is a Restorative Sound Bath?

A tangible resonance occurs every Monday evening at Asheville Yoga Center. The community gathers for gentle movement, longer held restorative postures and a live sound bath. Lyndsey Azlynne and Billy Zanski have joined forces to collaboratively create this offering from 7:15-8:30 pm, each week.

Lyndsey Azlynne is a yoga teacher, massage therapist and co-owner of the two Asheville Dobra Tea rooms.  She infuses her classes with a continuous invitation to slow down and to lean into the innate wisdom of the body and breath.  This collaboration has grown near and dear to her heart as it has woven together many of her deepest loves: silence, sound, movement, stillness and awareness.

Billy is the owner of Skinny Beats on Eagle Street in Asheville, a beautiful storefront offering a display of instruments from all over the world.  One of Billy’s main gifts is allowing space for others to reconnect to the peace and presence that sound and music can offer.  During this weekly Restorative Sound Bath, you will bathe in the sounds of various instruments including crystal bowls, gongs, didgeridoo, kora (west African harp) and various forms of percussion.

When you arrive, you will be offered a card as a way to let Lyndsey know if you would like informed hands on assists throughout class.  As a licensed massage therapist and reiki master, Lyndsey absolutely loves that the slow pace of this class offers ample opportunity for massage and gentle adjustments to allow tension to soften into ease.

The restorative sound bath often begins with some gentle movement and breath awareness as a way to arrive and settle into the space.   From there, longer held and fully supported postures begin to unwind and open up the deeper fascial layers of the body.  The last 25-30 minutes of class is a resonant live sound bath that seamlessly weaves together various instruments and often is experienced as if many people are playing.  Billy offers the sound bath as Lyndsey continues to offer hands on assists and grounding massage.  Many students have reported that they love this class as a way to end Mondays in relaxation each week.

One student says, “Lyndsey creates such a powerful, healing and restful space with her presence, energy, touch and ques.  That combined with Billy’s ability to transmute so much through sound and his soulful presence all come together to create a class that is deeply nurturing and restorative.”

Billy and Lyndsey offer a sonic space for remembrance through the use of body shapes, silence, sounds and instruments from various countries and traditions as tools to strum further into being present.  This class offers a weekly deep dive into your own inner world using breath and sound as your guide.  Lyndsey and Billy both consciously set the space for deep introspection, as a place to completely relax into support, to nourish the nervous system and to see what happens when you allow yourself to completely relax.

In these modern times, rushing is often celebrated and applauded, it is important to find places that we can retreat to for restoration and the opportunity to simply be.  Billy and Lyndsey have come together and consciously crafted this weekly offering as one of these places.  Allow your body to rest, melt into support, and feel the reverberation of sound lull you into the deep layers of your own inner world and into the wisdom of your own body.