What people are saying about the teacher training

My life has changed in the best way possible from taking the immersion at Amsa Yoga, here in Columbia.
I have met sooo may beautiful friends through this process, and that is the most important thing, to me.
But also, I learned an incredible amount of knowledge in a short amount of time–that 3 weeks, everyday, is the best way to earn a certificate. I am also trying to meditate everyday–something I didn’t think I could ever do!

Thank you for helping to change my life!
I hope to visit the new Yoga Center in Asheville very soon–
Love much,
Suzann Sox

I completed your teacher training program in June through Clear Springs Yoga in Chattanooga TN. I just wanted to tell you thank you. Thank you for offering me a scholarship and making it affordable so that I was able to take part in the program. It changed my life. I truly mean that. I am a totally different person now than I was when I started the program in November 2010. The entire teacher training was so enjoyable and I learned so much from it. It was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself (and my family :D ) in my life.

With sincere thanks…
Kelly Kirstie Pierce

It was an intensive, an immersion, and there has been much to digest.  But like a vinyasa, it flowed and invigorated (and fatigued at times!) and prepared me to teach a class as well as a session with an individual.
Papers were fun and the assignments were clear and thought-provoking.  We had to look inside for the answers and that is always good direction.
Requirement for taking yoga classes before coming to training and during training was absolutely one of the best ways for us to experience yoga from many perspectives and teachers.  I saw the good, the bad, and the lovely (Joe Taft!) and got great tips for instruction.  As a result of taking a class at Lighten Up Yoga with Lillah, I am going to a weekend workshop she is doing at a studio just up the road from me in Cartersville, GA at Etowah Valley Yoga.

I am proud to be a graduate of Asheville Yoga Teacher Training.  I think I had a solid and grounded curriculum, an exposure to excellent instruction and that I have a good overview of styles and attitudes in yoga practice and teaching today.

Stephanie, you are doing wonderful work.  I hope you and your family continue to prosper.  I will come up to Asheville for another class or workshop and until then, I continue to absorb all the instruction I was given last summer.  I continue to treasure the care and love with which you work.  And of course I will never again hear John Lennon’s Imagine without thinking of your sweet voice singing that to us as we were poised to fly from yoga planet into the wide world.  It is a beautiful world, one made more beautiful by teachers and healers like you.  I thank you with a full heart.

Dede Yow, RYT 200

I have just watched your Youtube video “Asheville Yoga Center: Stephanie Keach on teaching yoga teachers” that was filmed at High Falls – DuPont State Forest. I am completely blown away by what you said and I feel as though you were speaking directly to me. In my case, you are completely correct in stating that people wanting to pursue yoga teacher training are hungry and they are not sure what they are seeking. I admit that I am very much a product of conditioning and that I do struggle with fear, judgment, and doubt.

I can tell you that my draw to yoga is very much a spiritual one. I want to share with you a bit of my spiritual journey because, as an educator, I think it is important for a teacher to understand his/her student. I have also attached a Word document of my part of a paper that a friend and I presented at Appy State a few years ago during a Women’s Studies conference. It highlights my spiritual journey and will give you more background info should you want more.

I was raised in a Christian home and was very committed to living according to the teaching of Christ — not in a stiff legalistic way, but as a response of the heart. From the time I was a small child, spirituality has been a vital part of my life. For the most part, I had peace in the midst of life’s turmoil and I had enormous power in my prayer life. But I came into a crisis in my mid to late forties that completely blew a hole in my spirituality. While working on a masters degree and taking a woman’s studies course, I discovered feminism. It was mind boggling to see women in a new light because I had led a very sheltered life and was completely unaware of women’s struggle. After wrestling for weeks over this new found information, I embraced feminist thought. Then I struggled to harmonize my feminist beliefs with those of Christianity and finally abandoned the Christian faith altogether. Since then I have been on a spiritual journey trying to find answers. It is
very difficult to have once been in a place where you thought you had a handle on spiritual matters and then to move to a place where you feel you are in a spiritual free fall. I think a large part of spirituality involves defining who you are as a person and understanding your true nature. I have lost that balance and perspective.

In sum, thank you so much for posting the Youtube video, Stephanie. It really touched my heart. Sky

Dear Stephanie… you probably dont remember me, but a few years ago I contacted you about your book. I explained I was a newly single father and had had a heart attack at age 39. My divorce left me struggling financially and I had to give up fromal training after a few months. You understaood my situation and sent me a book free of charge. I have read it many times and learned a lot from it and thank you for your kindness. I am more able to pay for it now if you wish, just send me the price you require.

I wanted to write to you now to let you know that a friend of mine is just beginning to enjoy the benefits of yoga, she too is going through hard times and I remembered your kindness to me. I have offered her the book to keep and learn from and told her after she has used it and learned from it, when she has a friend who is struggling and looking to yoga to pass it along to them. Your book should touch a few lives, not only mine.

Thank you for your kindness and the example you set for me.

Ted Barrs

“Thank you and Peace. I’ve learned so much about myself during this course. I feel it has just been the beginning of a life’s work. The seeds were planted long ago now the sun of Yoga has warmed them to sprout and grow. I loved all the reading. Every weekend was challenging and rewarding. I never felt as if my time was being wasted. All the instructors were patient kind and knowledgeable I love learning about and being exposed to so many different aspects of Yoga.” C. Eberhardt

“Overall, a fabulous Teacher training program. Extremely well thought out, comprehensive and intensive training for aspiring teachers and those who just wish to deepen their practice. If the student is willing to invest the time required in individual study and practice they will be rewarded with a wealth knowledge about Yoga and will acquire the skills needed to teach students with little of no Yoga experience. Thanks Stephanie!”

“Thank you, you gave me what I need and more”

“I think the training covered a lot of info: wonderful to have so many different types of teachers to come and share their knowledge; loved doing so much asana work; like working in groups, the feedback was very helpful.”

“These last months have been beyond my wildest dreams – Yoga has become my passion.. My life! I was in awe of the education I have received..much deeper and more technical than anything I gained from medical coursed I have taken in the past. I am thankful for all the knowledge and compassion that has been passed on to me through such beautiful people and I am grateful and tankful for them all. This has been quite a humbling experience for me. Stephanie, thanks for your love, support, your gifts, your wonderful storytelling, sharing yourself with us and all your hard work!” S. Dulken

“I love how you incorporate all aspects of Yoga into the training: History, philosophy, reading, pranayama, meditation, asana, self-exploration, chanting, play.. I also love how you bring in so many different teachers so we are exposed to many different and affective styles. Thank you for a great experience!”

“I had wanted to be a Yoga teacher for a long time. Although I had practiced Yoga for about 7 years, I did not have a good understanding of it until I came to teacher training. This course has changed my life. I have lost weight, let go of fears, increased muscle tone and flexibility. I have better posture and increased tolerance to daily stresses. I have more of a feeling of calmness and peace than I ever had. Through applying principles of Yoga to my daily life, I have even rid myself of credit-card debt for the first time in years trough discipline and no longer wanting what I know need. Asheville Yoga Center and most especially Stephanie Keach have chanted my life forever. I am grateful for the knowledge and training I received with firmness, encouragement and compassion. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to make positive change in their lives, whether they have ever been interested in Yoga or not.” M. McClaskey

“Not having any other teacher training coursed, I’d say this is a great one. I really have enjoyed it and feel like I’ve gotten a lot out of it. I definitely feel comfortable leading a class. The hands on has been great but I feel like I needed more feedback about myself along the way, but maybe that’s just me..I do feel that this is a well rounded class that gives each student every opportunity to turn him or herself into a good Yoga teacher.”

“This teacher training course has been a wonderful experience for me. It has helped me to deepen my understanding of Yoga. It helped me to realize how much I knew and how much more I have to learn. I t has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to live in the moment. Thank you for offering the course and for bringing the Spirit of Yoga to others. Namaskar!” S. Sunshine

“I appreciate all the effort made to expose us to the various types of practices. It has helped me to decide which directions my studies will go. The program has also confirmed for me the need for constant study, learning, and new experiences required to grow as a student and instructor. Thanks Stephanie!”

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I deepened my knowledge and practice of yoga, which is what I hoped. I don’t know that I want to be a teacher, but I will continue to “spread the word” about yoga and encourage people to give it a try. Thank you for everything, especially your honesty.

First let me say that this experience has changed my life. Now I feel that I’m at the end of the diving board, ready to spring into ­ what? ­more yoga. You have been a wonderful mentor and teacher. I feel that you have exposed us to so many things. The only thing I would change is more asanas on Friday nights when we all came in a bit stressed.

You’re doing a great service to the world by putting more yoga out there (heart) Susan

Excellent  program with loving and knowledgeable teachers. Program could be 12 months with the amount of material presented. Very comprehensive and require complete commitment. Thank you!

I’ve enjoyed the weekend getaways here. I’ve found the program very informative yet basic. I’ve come to realize there is too much information to be crammed into a 10 month courseÉ.. that this is a lifelong learning process and that the more I know, there’s even more I don’t know. In fact, I feel I know very little in the scheme of things. But, I’ve learned that I don’t have to know it all and I teach with passion, compassion and enthusiasm. I’ve made so many wonderful friends in my classes and together we’ll continue our journey, each finding our own way. Every time you judge yourself, you break your own heart.

I have enjoyed this training very much and I am sad to see it come to an end. I have so much still to learn and plan to continue taking classes and workshops. I hope I can use you as a mentor for questions I will have in the future. Thanks!

I would love for this to keep going. More weekend! More weekends! I know you extended the program recently, but maybe 2 weekends a month would be superb! Great assortment of teachers. Has deepened my awareness of self and my relationship to the most high. Has affirmed my purpose in the world. Large class size worked, although smaller class size preferable. This is just the beginning of the journey. Give thanks, namascar

I have really enjoyed the last few steps of my growth. I think I will remain on the yoga path for quite some time. I am very grateful.
I am saddened to be leaving.
I am also saddened for not maximizing the time I had here. I really wished I had practiced more. But at least now I have practiced. This path will always want moreÉ.
Thank you very much for the extensive effort you exude in your path to open people’s hearts to something beautiful.
And many thanks to your wonderful teachers and the dedication they utilize. I love you and am very thankful that there is someone like you, who is you, that does good work.

Having lots of different teachers is great it lets you see many things you want to incorporate into your teaching, and also many things you don’t want to incorporate. Although as far as specific physical directions in the asanas, it can get confusing to hear contradictory information from teachers of different styles. Lisa O’Maley Rules!
Steph be aware that we are impressionable. Even just your body language and the way you say “I don’t know” can be read an endorsement or rejection.
I like the one weekend a month it gives time for integration.

The teacher training at AYC was awesome! The quality of instructors, guest lecturers and material is absolutely top-notch. I feel very privileged to have taken my training here in Asheville.
I have no complaints some of the information presented was not what I will probably use in my practice, but I was glad to be exposed to it.

I loved this class. I learned so much. The weekends were long. Most of all I love our beautiful teacher!

I loved the class. Felt I learned volumes of info. I know I still have much more to learn. My only complaint on the days we do yoga like the 100 sun salutes or 100 chaturangas, too much!! 2 and _ hours of ashtanga is too much, it’s too exhausting for the body and the mind. Isn’t this what yoga shouldn’t be?? Too much, straining, overdoing. Some of these weekends have worsened my asthma from extreme exhaustion, weakening my adrenals.
But other than that! it was wonderful you are a wonderful teacher. I had no idea how backward my teachers are in my town. They all need training here.

Well, I can’t thank you enough for helping me find the yoga teacher within. Although, I have much more to learn we never stop learning I feel so confident when I’m in front of my classes. I’m able to help my students in their poses and watching them grow and learn is truly rewarding.
My own practice has come far since starting the program. I always wanted to know how to do the poses correctly, however no one in my classes that I attended took the time to do that, so thanks.
It was totally worth every penny, and I think you’re awesome. It was a bit frustrating at the end. As much as I wanted to come here to class I also wanted it to be over. Falling in love during the last 5 months of the course was an incredible challenge for me. I had my entire life turned around and while it’s the most amazing thing ever, it also drew my focus away. Live and learn. I do love him though and in between my thoughts of him were yoga thoughts. I love teaching and hope to do it for a long time. I’m sort I didn’t ace the test. I went to Mexico last weekend, DC the weekend before. I’m moving and I’m in love. Excuses, excuses. I was very stressed cuz I feel it’s info a teacher should know, so I will continue to study and learn.  Love you, Kelli

I feel like I’ve learned a great deal from my time here. I’ve made some good friends, too. I didn’t build as much of a relationship with you as I had hoped. All the same I learned a lot and am very pleased with that. My desire to learn more and continue my education has been kindled.

– liked the interdisciplinary aspect of the training.

Stephanie thanks. It was more than I had thought as far as the breadth of information. Chanting, nutrition, philosophy, and I know there is so much more. I really have noticed how my breath control has helped me through some tough movements. Your classes on pranayama snuck up on me and touched me when I was least expecting it. I hope to see you again after this weekend. Love, Sal.

I like that the training expands over a long duration rather than one big intensive. It allows us to integrate info into our own lives at a reasonable pace that helps to reveal what is especially relevant or difficult.
Great overall intro!

This teacher training is definitely a life-changing life-renewing experience. I have loved it!

All the instruction on teaching superb thank you!

The teacher training class was challenging, stressful, beautiful and wonderful. I feel that it really helped me expand my practice and become a better teacher and practitioner. I really have enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone who seriously wishes to become a teacher, expand their practice or become more spiritually attuned. The best part was getting to know my classmates they were all lovely and terrific.

 I have really gotten a lot out of this course; I have a clearer direction of where I would like to go on my personal journey.

This has been the most educational trainings I have ever received. I feel good that I have for once in my life accomplished something that no one can take away from me and I can only begin to get better at what I know or have learned. Thanks Stephanie Thanks for the hug earlier this week.

The hands-on weekends have certainly been the highlight of the training. It has been amusing watching my mind wrestle with my own practice throughout the past nine months. Overall, I honor you as a teacher and this nine month experience as only a small snippet of a lifetime process of growing and living and loving and learning. You have felt like a dear old friend since the very first day. I love how the education focused on asana as only one aspect of an overall “yogic” lifestyle. I liked your personal stories and anecdotes, helping us understand that even the teacher struggles with incorporating yoga principles into an American Capitalistic, fast food society. Your humility, humanity and fire shine bright, and your program reflects your own life lessons. Thank you. Tim.

This teacher training was an incredible experience. We were introduced to so many of the different aspects of yoga. I liked the variety of teaching personalities that were part of out training. My main suggestion would be to have some type of mentoring system. I know, especially after seeing your life first hand as a cleaning lady that this would be impossible for you to take on, however I felt a need for more guidance, nurturing, and butt kicking in my own process and relationship to yoga. Maybe different core teachers could be paired with students to spread the load. I also know that ultimately the responsibility for nurturing, guidance, and butt kicking is on ourselves, and huge growth comes from this independence, however maybe because of the place in my life I have been in these past 9 months, I felt a desire for a yoga teacher mentor within this program.
The range of topics in this program was extremely well-balanced considering what a wealth of information is out there. The biggest thing I have learned is that teacher training is a life-long process it never ends. Thanks, Stephanie!

Steph, your teacher training was great! For someone who hasn’t been anywhere near academics, I think I have really learned a lot yoga and otherwise. I enjoyed coming here every month, even though it took away from my normal (everyday) life which I have become accustomed to. I realize there is always more to learn, but I think a lot of knowledge has been picked up here. Hope our paths cross and you can see me and be proud of you and of me. Namaste.

Praise! This is a very complete and challenging teacher training. While providing a solid base in flow yoga and alignment, the training succeeded in giving me a good sense (physical and philosophical) of the world of yoga. The most unexpected and strangest aspect of the program was the detailed training in hands-on adjustments and attention to guiding the student. My own teaching has become richer and stronger thanks to Stephanie. Hooray Namaste

Dear Stephanie, I wanted write while this is still fresh in my mind. Here’s your critique as a teacher (from a veteran). You are (as all good teachers should be)
-very serious about teaching and laughing
-attentive to detail
-very knowledgeable in your field
-aware that students learn differently
-aware that students pay attention about 80-90% of the time (things have to be repeated)
-aware that students have personal issues
-aware that there are different kinds of intelligence
-very good at positive reinforcement
-excellent at providing a diverse program
-good at taking care of yourself (very good)
-excellent at loving each group as if you could never love another as much then loving the next group equally as much.—- You get A+ 100% well done. J Love, Susan

I truly gained a tremendous amount of information not only about yoga but about myself. At times I really enjoyed other teachers present topics. Gave different perspective insight; however, also really enjoyed your teaching and would have liked more “Stephanie” teaching time. Hard to find that balance in a busy course. Your insight is abounding if that’s even a real word. I loved your stories your enthusiasm is contagious. Complaints, complaints??? Don’t have any. I hope to be able to continue studying with you, either here in Asheville maybe you could come to Richmond, Cananda??? Someday. J Theresa

What I loved about the AYC teacher training is what at time frustrated me the most. It is the diversity of teachers and styled and how nothing is black and white but so very gray the way my life is. The vast knowledge and the ability to impart this to the students was awe inspiring. Every teacher had their own unique gifts and were so consistently professional, caring, goal oriented, and personable. I will definitely miss this experience as I have made so many new friends and learned so much about my passion of yoga and myself and human nature in general. Thank you Stephanie for an outstanding and for your many outstanding gifts you so freely give.

Dear Stephanie, I started this program with the thought that I was on a new path and that this program was one of the stepping stones on the path. It has been much much more than that. It is part of a greater plan, but the program really helped define and clarify the path for me. My path is still winding and I don’t quite see the end but it is well illuminated and thanks to what I learned I am not so fixated on the end results as I am on the process. I look forward to furthering my studies with you and enjoy what I have learned so far. Thanks for sharing! Love, Carol Morrissey.

Thank you for empowering me to discover my own natural potential and rhythm. I liked the way you bring several teachers in to contribute to our learning. Enjoyed learning about my own weaknesses and strengths. Feel confident in my teaching ability. Liked the book reports and reading. Went by to fast!!

Overall I really enjoyed this class and feel as if I learned a great deal.. I came into this class to enhance my personal practice as well as general knowledge about yoga. I feel as if I have succeeded in both! Thanks for your knowledge and kindness! Namaste, Jennifer!

I have faced many insecurities and fears during this training. I have found my gifts lie in gentle nurturance and positive encouragement of students. I have mostly released the total illusion of a perfect anything and accepted myself where I am and how I am in the moment.
My brain is now fried and I can send more feedback later.

I loved the yoga teacher training. It gave a wonderful chance to experience many different styles and aspects of yoga. The different tastes provided enough information to choose directions for further study. Each weekend wad a wonderful celebration of yoga a yoga fest. Thank you, Stephanie.

Thank you. Thank you. I loved most every minute of the program. It has challenged me, strengthened me and opened my heart! No complaints. I feel well-prepared, though I know I will never stop learning.

An excellent “scratch the surface,” and yet very in depth training that prepared me to not only teach well, but inspire me to learn as much as possible about yoga. Someone recently said, “Oh my god, Jennifer. Everything is yoga to you.” Thanks, I hope it is.