Meet our yoga instructors

At Asheville Yoga Center our greatest asset is our people. Our teachers are among Asheville’s brightest and we are lucky enough to have some of the most accomplished yoga teachers in the southeast in residence at our studio. Many of our teachers have trained in the Vinyasa style under Stephanie Keach, while others have pursued training in various modalities ranging from ranging from alignment-based systems to Kundalini. No matter the lineage, AYC teachers are committed to providing a compassionate and informed space where students can find their own balance of effort and ease in the practice.

Shaela Christner

Shaela Christner

My path to Yoga began after a dance-related injury. At the time, I was training in classical ballet, and I was practicing up to five times a week in the studio (and just as much outside of the studio). One evening during class and our after warm up, we were all stretching. As I transitioned into a front split, something I did on a daily basis, I heard a loud and violent grinding sound — I tore my hamstring. I learned a lot of difficult lessons from that day, none of which I realized immediately. For the next six months, I went through waves of excruciating pain. There was no comfortable position to find relief: standing hurt, lying down was uncomfortable, and sitting was the worst of all.

As my body healed, a close friend suggested I try taking a yoga class. Where one chapter ends, another begins: that first class set into motion what would eventually become my life passion. The teacher from my first class became my mentor for the next two years, until I decided I wanted to do more with what I was learning and feed my yearning for a deeper understanding of Yoga. I wanted to share with others the freedom from the body and mind that I was discovering; a release of pain both internally and externally; and the vitality that comes through breathing and living fully. I packed a suitcase and moved to Los Angeles to study and become certified through YogaWorks, where I became a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher.

As a teacher, my aim is to create a safe and friendly environment where students can come to learn and practice self care. To move thoughtfully; to listen to your body, to let go of the mind chatter; to breathe; to feel; to be. My passion is to share my knowledge, to help alleviate pain of all kinds, and to help others find happiness, acceptance, and love through the practice of Yoga.

I teach a variety of classes, from power vinyasa to therapeutic yoga, and I focus on

alignment to ensure the health and safety of the body.
I hope to see you on the mat where we can smile, play, and grow together!

Sat Naam • I am. You are. We Are.

Class Schedule for Shaela

Saturday March 1712:15 - 1:45 pmHOT Power Flow
Saturday March 17 5:30 - 6:45 pmWARM Flow & Yin
Sunday March 18 8:30 - 10:00 amHOT Power Flow
Monday March 19 7:00 - 8:15 pmWARM Power Flow $10
Wednesday March 2112:30 - 1:45 pmHOT Power Flow