Meet our yoga instructors

At Asheville Yoga Center our greatest asset is our people. Our teachers are among Asheville’s brightest and we are lucky enough to have some of the most accomplished yoga teachers in the southeast in residence at our studio. Many of our teachers have trained in the Vinyasa style under Stephanie Keach, while others have pursued training in various modalities ranging from ranging from alignment-based systems to Kundalini. No matter the lineage, AYC teachers are committed to providing a compassionate and informed space where students can find their own balance of effort and ease in the practice.

Michael Palermo

Michael Palermo

I started practicing yoga almost 20 years ago in Chicago. Several years back, I realized that yoga can help with personal growth and healing, beyond just the benefits of the physical practice. I began studying the spiritual side of yoga – meditation, good conduct towards others, personal spiritual observances. But it's the combination of physical and spiritual fitness that I want to share with others through my instruction. I enjoy teaching the technical aspects of tying one’s body into a knot or going upside down.

For over 20 years I worked in high rises in Chicago. After spending a year on sabbatical in the mountains of Idaho, I came to Asheville in 2014 with a renewed energy for sharing my practice. I practice business law in North Carolina, and I practiced law in Chicago since 1992 where I also taught law school. Now I’m bringing that experience to teaching yoga. I took my 200 hour teacher training at Yogaview - Chicago.

In my classes I combine a straight-forward vinyasa flow, technical instruction to get students deeper into poses, along with creative sequencing and multiple, challenging poses. My blog about practicing and teaching yoga: