Meet our yoga instructors

At Asheville Yoga Center our greatest asset is our people. Our teachers are among Asheville’s brightest and we are lucky enough to have some of the most accomplished yoga teachers in the southeast in residence at our studio. Many of our teachers have trained in the Vinyasa style under Stephanie Keach, while others have pursued training in various modalities ranging from ranging from alignment-based systems to Kundalini. No matter the lineage, AYC teachers are committed to providing a compassionate and informed space where students can find their own balance of effort and ease in the practice.

Caitlin Van Hecke

Caitlin Van Hecke

Caitlin loves to ponder the question, “What if we started living yoga and practicing life?” Continuously connecting the dots between what happens on your mat with what happens off is what propels her to share her passion with others. She received her teacher training from Asheville Yoga Center in 2008, and in the ensuing years has continued to study and cultivate her knowledge and skills through an array of modalities and teachers. She also specializes in kids yoga, Pilates, and foam rolling. Her kinesthetic approach to teaching combines focused attention on the breath with fluid movement, so the physical practice develops into a moving meditation. She recently returned to AVL from DC, where she taught full-time for many years, and is excited to be back in Asheville where her yoga path began.

Class Schedule for Caitlin

Monday March 1910:15 - 11:45 amWARM Flow & Yin
Wednesday March 21 8:30 - 10:00 amWARM Slow Power Flow