Meet our yoga instructors

At Asheville Yoga Center our greatest asset is our people. Our teachers are among Asheville’s brightest and we are lucky enough to have some of the most accomplished yoga teachers in the southeast in residence at our studio. Many of our teachers have trained in the Vinyasa style under Stephanie Keach, while others have pursued training in various modalities ranging from ranging from alignment-based systems to Kundalini. No matter the lineage, AYC teachers are committed to providing a compassionate and informed space where students can find their own balance of effort and ease in the practice.

Lewis Rothlein

Lewis Rothlein

Over the 23 years I’ve practiced yoga (and 20 years that I’ve taught), I have found it to be a fountain that brings gifts from so many directions, many of them unexpected. My yoga journey began with the Iyengar style, moved to Bikram and Anusara, but when I discovered Ashtanga, I found my passion. I loved it so much that I stopped running marathons (which I had done for years), and began focusing on the yoga, and it has not disappointed. I loved it so much that I began teaching it full time, and became a studio owner along with my wife (in Winter Park, FL) for ten years. My main teacher is David Swenson, from whom I’ve taken five teacher trainings, including one in the Second Series of Ashtanga (a series that is a lot of fun!). I have taken a teacher training also with his brother Doug, an extended training with Paul Grilley, and have taken workshops with Manju Jois, David Williams, Richard Freeman, Max Strom, Shiva Rea, Rolf Gates, Larissa Carlson, Cora Wen, J.J. Gormley, and others, and I am an RYT. I've taught Ashtanga to students of all ages, sizes, and levels of experience, from people taking yoga for the first time, to five years of teaching the performers at Cirque Du Soleil. I practice yoga six days a week, mainly the Primary and Second series of Ashtanga Yoga. There are hard core Ashtanga teachers and I, like my teacher, am not one of them. I provide modifications for all poses, and do not believe that this is a no-pain-no-gain practice. Put effort into it, yes, but if you are tired, rest. From what students tell me, you will feel empowered in my class, not intimidated. And those yoga gifts — expected and unexpected — will continue to come to you, even after 23 years!

Class Schedule for Lewis

Tuesday May 2 5:30 - 6:45 pmWARM Ashtanga