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Meet our Therapeutically Oriented Instructors

Asheville Yoga Center employs some of the best Yoga Alliance certified instructors and certified health care professionals in the nation. With their guidance, you will deepen your knowledge of yoga as you explore therapeutically oriented yoga traditions, modalities, and yoga practices.

Linda Patterson

Linda Patterson

Linda Patterson began practicing yoga in 2006. She completed her 230-hour and her 500-hour certification in Yoga Therapy at AYC. She is also certified to teach Curvy Yoga and likes to bring the Curvy Philosophy to every class that she teaches. Linda received Aerial/Swing and Flying Fitness Certification 2013. She is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

Linda believes that the benefits of yoga should be accessible to all people, regardless of age, body size or fitness level. She has experienced negative body-image issues and knows firsthand the benefits that yoga can bring to improving flexibility, body image and self-esteem. Linda loves to share her body-positive teachings with students of all levels!