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Meet Our 300 Hour Advanced Studies Instructors

Seek your mentors. Find your guides. Grow into the teacher you are meant to become. Our teacher trainers are among some of the most accomplished instructors in the southeast. Many have trained in the Vinyasa style under Stephanie Keach, while others have pursued training in various modalities ranting from alignment-based systems to Kundalini. No matter the lineage, AYC teacher trainers are committed to providing a well-rounded curriculum and education. 

Annie Okerlin

Annie Okerlin

Annie Okerlin, RYT, is the owner of Yogani Studios, Tampa, Florida, and the president and founder of the Exalted Warrior Foundation (EWF). Since March of 2006, Annie and the EWF instructors have implemented an adaptive yoga program throughout major military medical and veterans’ hospital facilities nationwide. Annie designed the program to support wounded populations, including amputees, burn victims, and those with orthopedic poly-trauma, traumatic brain and spinal-cord injuries, PTSD, and depression. She is currently pursuing certification as an iRest® teacher.(www.exaltedwarrior.com)

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